Through the minds of your consumers

It is no longer enough to ask people what they have done and why. We have to know how the human brain and environments work together to trigger decisions and behaviour. This is at the epicentre of everything we do at the Big Window

the Big Window Mindset

The Big Window is about seeing and thinking through the minds of the consumer.

We provide a clear picture of what customers intend to do and what they actually do by uncovering the individual and contextual factors at play.

We achieve this through research and channelling the latest academic thinking.

We work to the highest standards in the industry and are certified to ISO9001, ISO27001, and the Market Research industry standard 20252. We are corporate partners of the MRS Society, members of the AQR, ESOMAR, and the British Psychological Society


A Financial Mind

What drives consumers and businesses’ decisions about financial services and products?

How will consumers really respond to initiatives such as pensions freedom?

The Big Window team have many years’ experience of uncovering the psychological drivers of different purchase decisions in key product areas including retail banking, general insurance, life and pensions and long term investments.

Our latest work models and identifies the specific drivers of both long-term (pensions and life) and short-term (e.g. motor insurance) purchase decisions. Importantly, psychological variables emerge as twice as predictive as demographic variables.



An Ageing Mind

How do we appeal to an increasingly older demographic?

How are today’s older consumers likely to respond to the marketing messages of organisations and brands?

Is it actual age that frames older peoples’ decisions, or the age they identify with?

How can companies support older consumers to make decisions in their best interests?

It has never been more important to understand how older adults think, feel and act.

Working with companies providing products for the 50+ age group, the older consumer is a particular specialism of the Big Window.

We know that the ageing mind thinks and sees the world differently. Soon-to-be-published work explores how reactions to marketing messages change with age. Our Age Frame can predict the age that people relate to which tells us much more than chronological age alone.

Our recently published work explores how reactions to marketing messages change with age. Please let us know if you would like to know more about this. Click here to contact us.

In addition, our award-winnng and published work on age perception identifies the age that people truly relate to: this tells us much more than chronological age alone. To understand more about the work and model that underpins this, the Age Frame© – please contact us by clicking here.

An Easy Mind

How will your target market truly behave in a particular situation?

How will they really respond to your product or marketing initiatives?

Why do they typically take the ‘path of least mental effort or resistance’?

How can you prompt them to give sufficient consideration to important decisions?

We like to believe people make rational decisions; in fact they often make quick decisions based on instinct, instinct shaped by sets of learned assumptions and rules of thumb, termed heuristics and biases within the field of Behavioural Economics.

Building this insight into how a target market is approached ensures companies communicate in a way that helps consumers engage.

As specialists, the Big Window helps clients benefit from a Behavioural Economics-led approach to tackling their business issues.


An Organisational Mind

How do organisations make decisions about purchasing products and services from other organisations?

The B2B decision making environment differs greatly from the B2C market and researching their needs and perceptions presents particular challenges:

• Understanding the context in which decisions are made in order to gain true insight

• Gaining the respect of business decision makers so that their true motives come to the fore

• Including all those involved in the decision so we have a complete picture

We have developed a number of B2B-specific approaches including Ozone – our online B2B research facility.


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