Through the Mind of Wendy: Dementia and Financial Services

As part of our continuing interest in the Ageing Mind, and against a backcloth of a rapidly aging UK consumer population, we interviewed Wendy Mitchell about her experiences in dealing with financial services and living with dementia.

We have not considered Wendy to be a respondent in the normal sense. Rather, we have seen her as an ‘expert witness’, part of our analysis team, someone we have been able to go back to and explore different angles around ageing, financial services, and consumer-provider interactions. This is an approach we have become increasingly keen on as a means of really getting an inside-out perspective on every relevant theme on a subject.

Below is the link to a short film of an interview we conducted live on stage at the 2017 UK Market Research Society Conference. The purpose of the session was to bring the consumer direct to the audience rather than through a Powerpoint presentation. As a result, we have been nominated for the Best Overall Contribution to conference award (fingers crossed, the awards are announced in June!) – we hope you find this approach inspiring too!.

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